Sunday, November 21, 2021

Breaking News

 I crossed a state line to go to the bar last night

I was also armed to the teeth but not with my weapons of war I don’t have a holster for those so I leave those at the bunker

Is a knife a weapon of war?

Is a 1911 a weapon of war?

If so I stand corrected.

But I digress 

I just felt the need to confess my sins and beg forgiveness for my neonazi white supremacist ways

I vow to do better in the future please forgive me and pray for me

This has me thinking that at my next Klan meeting I will announce that Eric Clapton couldn’t hold James Marshall Hendrix’ jock

I’ve been pondering ways to get the commies to finally love me

It seems that being a baby fucker is the best and quickest way to that nirvana

That’s a bridge too far for me so I’m gonna go the domestic abuser/arsonist/serial felonist route very much slower but I am a patient man

Just hope it happens before Brandon shuffles off to the great unknown

I love that Brandon dude


That is all


  1. Holy moly, you're still alive! Thought that you had joined the choir invisible or were at the very least incarcerated. Welcome back to the land of the living......

  2. I am still around thx for noticing
    FJB amirite

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