Thursday, January 13, 2022

You’ll eat the broccoli and like it

 A gubmint that can make you wear a seatbelt can make you get a shot

The black robes will say so

Friday, December 31, 2021

The CDC now recommends listening to Bubba

 Just kidding being right is not in their mission statement

Gubmint amirite 

Bubba recommends you listen to Bubba that dude is wicked smart

I think the only thing I missed on this year was war with China

Not too shabby my inflation rants are always correct

Thanks to ExTex and MattB for the Christmas comments

I still can’t comment on the blog from the phone so I do a post

Let me make a couple of predictions for the coming year

The gubmint money printing press will go brrr like a motherfucker

I will grow 80% of my food this coming year

It would be 100% but I can’t find any no soy non-gmo organic heirloom ramen noodle seeds

It seems you can’t homestead without without those

I wanna tell these hippy homesteaders that all livestock are gmo’ed to hell and back

But what do I know?

Anyways people are free to do what makes them happy

I’m cool like that besides that leaves more soy laden gmo’s for me

I also predict I will have no need of police or gubmint this year

That one’s evergreen but I need to pad the statistics

Have a happy New Year they hate that shit

Oh yeah gonna quit cigarettes no prediction on that one

But I really hate smoking anymore so I’m hopeful

Gonna start tomorrow

That is all

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas yall

 That’s all just be merry!

They hate that shit

You know who I’m talking about

Saturday, December 18, 2021

It sucks being right all the time

 I have been bitching and moaning about the most insidious taxes of all for a long time inflation

On the old blog I had many posts on the many versions of this man made disaster

They can’t shrinkflation anymore even idiots see that shit now

There is no way to stop this it would take a large amount of courage to do it peacefully

We ain’t got that at this current time

Unless everybody writes me in as president in 2024

I would put an end to it most swiftly that and most other seemingly vexing problems

I would go long on Sikorsky stocks;)

Is it wrong to fantasize about killing commies?

If so I ain’t sorry!

I’ve been making quite afew bucks taking pics of properties around my area from the 201 area code

Look up that area code they ain’t moving here they are hedging against that inflation

They ain’t dumb think about it

But what would a dumb crazy redneck like me know anyways?

Anyways I was really just going reply to A Trumpeter comment but I can’t comment on my own blog

Thx man I’m doing a deep dive there

That is all

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Everything is stupid

 I can’t comment on my own blog

So Taminator your idea sounds awesome

I’m researching a diy still now that I’m all out of stimulus

Maybe I could just get ExTex to send me beer

Or just make wine

I make excellent wine

I’m also contemplating a backtrack on my previous new computer aversion

I’m thinking about selling some stuff online and the phone won’t work for that

Will advise as plans come together

That is all

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

I wanted to kick ass and drink Jack Daniels

But I’m all out of Jack Daniels

That’s right there was no Jack Daniels at the liquor store

Some old pints and half pints was all they had

They’ve been waiting on the truck to show up

I live maybe 125 miles from the distillery and can’t score much needed rumatis medication 

Add this to the great Budweiser drought and it’s enough to drive a man to drink

You read that right the beer joint can’t get enough longnecks

I wonder if smash and grabs are frowned on in Lynchburg?

There is a lot of pain coming yes even worse than this shit

At least my bees are doing great looks like mead might be the solution

I shoulda bought that still dammit

What a fucking country

That is all

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Always do the opposite of what the gubmint says

 You will never go wrong

This is an undeniable fact

Since the new thing is checking your families vaccine passport at the door for Christmas 

I am going to exclude anybody that’s jabbed and boosted

It seems that the only people who have Kung flu are folks that trust the gubmint and big pharma and got experimented on

A most deadly combo those two are

Luckily for me nobody in my orbit trusts either

So a full house is to be expected

That is all

Friday, December 3, 2021

I’m just gonna leave this here

 Joe McCarthy was right

Something really should be done about this problem

It’s never too late until it’s too late

We should act accordingly

Luckily for me the commie ratio is pretty low around the homestead

I don’t think the Washington commies are all that interested in my area

Commissars would be welcomed but only because they make excellent compost

Guns are good at making a frogs legs less jumpy

That is all

Friday, November 26, 2021

Being thankful is white supremacy

 I must admit to the most counter revolutionary thought ever thought

I’m sorry

But I’m thankful for lots of shit

Especially the dudes who come by here still

I see youse guys

Plus I’m in the middle of nowhere very thankful bout that

Overall a 8 on the thankful scale

I will advise if I get to 10 that would involve a non psycho woman

That’s a big get right there

That is all

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Breaking News

 I crossed a state line to go to the bar last night

I was also armed to the teeth but not with my weapons of war I don’t have a holster for those so I leave those at the bunker

Is a knife a weapon of war?

Is a 1911 a weapon of war?

If so I stand corrected.

But I digress 

I just felt the need to confess my sins and beg forgiveness for my neonazi white supremacist ways

I vow to do better in the future please forgive me and pray for me

This has me thinking that at my next Klan meeting I will announce that Eric Clapton couldn’t hold James Marshall Hendrix’ jock

I’ve been pondering ways to get the commies to finally love me

It seems that being a baby fucker is the best and quickest way to that nirvana

That’s a bridge too far for me so I’m gonna go the domestic abuser/arsonist/serial felonist route very much slower but I am a patient man

Just hope it happens before Brandon shuffles off to the great unknown

I love that Brandon dude


That is all