Sunday, May 30, 2021

What do you see?


Shit Bubba likes pic dump!

Lag is very problematic in lots of important things

 Nobody hears it at the exact same time even standing next to each other.

It is a very vexing problem in telephony and radio.

Lots of time and money have been spent on this problem.

Nothing is really happening in real time it's always behind even at the speed of light.

I actually have thought of this very thing it can be a very philosophical.

I think the comeback dude is wrong for the simple fact that exact changes the whole question not that she knew but it does.

Lag is a bad thing.

I will say that some of the inflation that is happening now is a lag from stimulus that happened while Trump was President.

You ask Uncle Milty how long it takes the effects of intervention to begin to work it's way thru economy.

The Joe Biden inflation is going to be bad but the spending Trump/Fed did during the Kung Flu is being overshadowed I think.

Not much you can do when congresscritters want to spend the money so he gets a semi pass from me on that.

All of his other shit I loved all of it.

If anybody deserved to send mean tweets it was President Trump the way he was treated was shameful in the extreme.

Anyways I had that pic for a reason I often think about lag in many different things it's not just measured in milliseconds it could be centuries.

That is all.





Unexpected shit happens

Nothing bad.

This was a good unexpected.

Forgot laptop.

That was unexpected cuz I had it bagged up.

I know I could've posted on my phone but it would just be rants about inflation and gas prices.

Who needs that shit?

No pics and I'm pretty sure the pics are the biggest draw.

I ain't as dumb as Joe Biden looks you know.

That is all.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Shorts and Selfies!

Yes I am I play Sid Meier's Railroads all the time

I do not know which train that is Kraut I just dig trains.

Plus I've had the pic up there for awhile this was the time to use it.

I chuckled when I saw it so now youse guys have to see it.

I always got a pic

That is all.