Sunday, February 17, 2019

You don't hear that everyday

Man dead after port-a-potty fire

A man is dead after a port-a-potty caught fire in Baltimore, Maryland, Sunday afternoon, fire officials say.
Units from the Baltimore City Fire Department were dispatched to the 1100 block of Russell Street, right next to M&T Bank Stadium, where a man on fire was seen coming from a port-a-potty.
When fire officials arrived on the scene, three port-a-potties were engulfed in flames. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Of all the ways to die in Baltimore that's gotta be the shittiest.
Lets see maybe he was a huffer and lit up a smoke afterwards.
Too much hot sauce on his crabcakes or pit beef sammich?
Maybe you sleuths out there have a theory I'm all ears. 

Never mind

We ain't as dumb as we look

Credentials do not infer intelligence.
Just look at Congress or the NYT/WAPO editorial page.
Dumb as a box of rocks.

Selfie Sunday!

More heroic shit

Judge bars Detroit towing firm from impounding vehicles

A judge on Friday blasted the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for delaying reports of recovered stolen vehicles in the city as part of a practice that racked up larger tow yard storage bills for motorists.
Retired Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Colombo said county sheriff's deputies along with a Detroit towing firm, Nationwide Recovery, failed to promptly notify vehicle owners who were unaware of their recovered vehicles' locations.
“There is no attempt to make certain that there are officers on the scene,” he said. “There is a complete failure to make certain that recoveries are timely reported in length. The impact is significant to the owners of the vehicles because the later they are notified, the more the storage fees accrue.”
Colombo said Nationwide Recovery drivers would often directly call on two of the department’s deputies instead of reporting suspected stolen vehicles to Wayne County dispatch. The deputies did not check the vehicle’s information through a Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) operator as required.
Colombo then said he would grant the city's request for an injunction against the Detroit towing firm, barring the company from impounding stolen or suspected stolen cars on behalf of sheriff's deputies or anyone deputized by the sheriff's office.
The city had alleged that Nationwide Recovery was working with the county sheriff’s department in a conspiracy to charge excessive fees so that Nationwide could pay car thieves for tips.

The biggest scam on earth is gubmint.
That is all.


Shit Bubba likes pic dump

Would you tell her

Nah who needs men manslaining everything,right?
I could be stereotyping here soyboys would be confused by this magic also.
But are they really males or chicks in sheep clothing?