Friday, December 31, 2021

The CDC now recommends listening to Bubba

 Just kidding being right is not in their mission statement

Gubmint amirite 

Bubba recommends you listen to Bubba that dude is wicked smart

I think the only thing I missed on this year was war with China

Not too shabby my inflation rants are always correct

Thanks to ExTex and MattB for the Christmas comments

I still can’t comment on the blog from the phone so I do a post

Let me make a couple of predictions for the coming year

The gubmint money printing press will go brrr like a motherfucker

I will grow 80% of my food this coming year

It would be 100% but I can’t find any no soy non-gmo organic heirloom ramen noodle seeds

It seems you can’t homestead without without those

I wanna tell these hippy homesteaders that all livestock are gmo’ed to hell and back

But what do I know?

Anyways people are free to do what makes them happy

I’m cool like that besides that leaves more soy laden gmo’s for me

I also predict I will have no need of police or gubmint this year

That one’s evergreen but I need to pad the statistics

Have a happy New Year they hate that shit

Oh yeah gonna quit cigarettes no prediction on that one

But I really hate smoking anymore so I’m hopeful

Gonna start tomorrow

That is all


  1. Happy New Year. Go for it brother, I've been cig-free for 2 years now. Took about a year of cinnamon candies and fireballs but I did it without nicotine replacement. You know when you're ready!

    1. Yep.
      Used the patch and took Zoloft for 2 weeks.
      It's mental. After 18 years, I still WANT a cig, but I can pass them by. I'll never NOT want one, but don't want to smoke, so I don't. The nice makes me sick at this point.

  2. More bees ? You can always trade extra honey for other foods.