Friday, June 7, 2019

Pay me

I ain't dead just less than gung ho
Nobody wonders if I waste my time for nothing until I aint here.
Pay me motherfuckers or not.
I'm guessing not.


  1. Quit your fuckin whining! How much do you want? And don't be greedy. You're good, but
    not that fuckin good!

  2. Pay ya for what? Ya gotta deliver first bubba...

  3. Whiney little bitch. Do it or don’t!!

  4. What, do you want us to throw beads like in Orleans, to see the boobies?

  5. Nobody forced you to start a blog. If you don't want to post, just shut it down. There are enough other blogs to look it.

  6. Dont hurt his feelings.Bubba is very thinned skin.

  7. I enjoy your efforts, and hope to see more of your WORK in the future. Thanks for what you do.

  8. Understand, Thanks for pics and stories, donation is on the way

  9. Bunch of ingrates, huh?
    I appreciate your efforts.
    If there's a p.o. box that I could send cash...



  11. Bye-bye asshole

  12. I have been following your blog for a number of years and have made several donations over that time. Many people were concerned when you went line offline the first time including myself, I see now that was just misguided. You need to get some class and put a tip jar in but I won't be putting anything in it. Shut this mutherfucker down and go cry in your beer but don't whine when people wonder where you are. Don't go away mad just go the fuck away!

  13. Well, I like the content, so here's a tenner. Hope you keep posting brother!

  14. If it's 404 there's plenty more...

  15. Bubba puts in the time (now that he's back?) and provides a good product. Just sent a ten spot, Bubba.

  16. Bad news, crybaby. Titties on the internet are free. Oh and ya might work on your diplomatic issues if ya want free money for nothin. Cunt.

  17. Yeah, I think this site might be history.

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  19. Man, what a bummer.
    My uncle Bubba always had cool shit.


  20. Me thinks Bubba is one bulb shy of a string of Christmas lights.

  21. Just coming back for the comments, keep them up.

  22. since no titties here
    your welcome guys

  23. Dang, Bubba, I sent you another $10 weeks ago. Are you still pouting? Has the failure of others to send in $$ "triggered" you and forced you to once again go quiet in your "safe space"? Is the group's failure to fund you as desired a micro-aggression? Did you ever consider that your ceasing the boob pics is a micro-aggression against us? You clearly are exerting your abundant boobie photo inventory privilege power against us. To paraphrase Marx...."from each according to his hot chick pic inventory, to each according to his hot chick pic needs". So please stop thinking only of yourself and be a good socialist man and resume boobie pic sharing!!

  24. I check your site a couple of times a day.

    And there's nothing new.

    So now I'm supposed to pay you simply because you're alive?


    That's too reminiscent of my ex-wife.

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